TA3D 0.5.3 official announcement

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TA3D 0.5.3 official announcement

Post by zuzuf » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:16 pm

It has been ready for a few weeks now, we wanted to wait until OS X package is ready before announcing it, unfortunately OS X package has been delayed (it should be available soon).

So what's new in 0.5.3 ?
bug fixes like in previous >= 0.5.1 releases, but also several changes in some internal file formats:
* 24/32bits GAFs now store image data as raw data compressed with gzip
* 3DM format now use raw data compressed with gzip instead of jpeg images in compressed mode

NB: those changes aren't backward compatible with previous versions, all models have been converted to the new format, if you made a 3DM object with 0.5.2 or earlier and stored the textures in compressed mode, then you'll have to save it in non compressed mode in order to load it with 0.5.3 and then save it in the new format.

Those changes have been backported from the 0.6 development version that uses SDL instead of Allegro and doesn't support saving jpeg any more (but it can read jpeg images and much more now of course). This should not change any more in the future, it was made in 0.5.3 release in order to anticipate the changes in 0.6.

As usual you can get the new version from the download page of your OS.
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