TA3D 0.6 beta r2698

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TA3D 0.6 beta r2698

Post by zuzuf » Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:13 pm

New packages are ready :). They're built in debug mode so the binaries are not optimized for speed and are big because they include all the debug symbols required to get a nice stack trace in case of crash.

So what does it brings ? Almost nothing, a few updates in some external core components like Yuni, Google Sparsehash (which is used almost everywhere in TA3D since it uses lots of hash tables), an automatic crash reporter which uses SDL_sgui to display a summary of the crash report (and its full content in a tab) and let you decide whether you want to send it or not since it contains information about the running system like OS, CPU, video card, the stack trace, etc ... but these reports are anonymous.

This is mostly a new weapon to help us win the war against bugs :twisted:

As usual it's available in the FTP repository:


ftp://downloads.ta3d.org/binaries/linux ... rpmi-media

NB: the win32 package includes GDB which is required to get the stack trace however it's not a dependency of the Linux packages so if you want to send nice crash reports from your Linux system you should install GDB otherwise it'll fall back to a Linux-only home made stack trace reader.
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