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Editing effects/TGA particles

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:57 am
by Flashbang232
Location: (ta3d folder)

What programs to get:

How do i edit them?
Use gimp. you can find your version there, depending on operating system. (win 2000-2.4) (xp-7, latest release probably, certainly for vista/7)
compatible with linux/mac afaik, but you should check it out.

Basically, learn how to use gimp. Get a few tuts or learn by yourself.
it can open and save in tga format, so no hassle.

Why do i need irfanview? Sometimes gimp encounters a bug/crash or whatever and if for some reason, you cannot convert, then you got irfanview. (say you saved it in bmp format as backup and then gimp crashes, you can convert in the meantime.)

*irfanview is recommended, but not required =)

i am editing the effects now, going to include a batch file with it, so you can install/uninstall with ease.