New support for GAF-like directories

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New support for GAF-like directories

Post by zuzuf » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:59 pm

I've recently added support for a GAF replacement. It's a directory with the same structure as a GAF file : its subdirectories contain the animations, each animation is a list of images (can be in any format support by TA3D). The order of frames is defined by the lexical order of their filename names (including file extension !).


Basically you replace a GAF with a directory of the same name (without the .gaf extension) and the following structure:

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anim -> sequence1 -> 00.png
                  -> 01.png
                  -> 02.png
     -> sequence2 -> 00.jpg
                  -> 01.jpg
                  -> 02.jpg
You can also mix various file formats into the same animation.
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